Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stone of the day - Moonstone

Today's stone is Moonstone. This is a Receptive stone, and is in the Element of Water.
 Some of it's magical uses are, love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, and
youth.  Some say that the Moonstone is magically potient during the waxing moon, and less
during a waning moon. The stone is receptive and love-drawing. It's also know for working out
problems between lovers, especially after a bitter fight. Because of it's association
with the moon, it is sometimes placed under the pillow to ensure a restful sleep.
 There are 2 kinds of Moonstone, plain Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone.
 The color of Moonstone is generally white.  Rainbow Moonstone has a gray coloring running through it. If held up to the light a rainbow of color can be seen in certain areas of the stone.

 Meaning of the color of the stone- White stones purifies physical,
emotional, mental or etheric bodies.
 A very pretty stone. It makes a nice bracelet  or necklace.


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