Friday, October 8, 2010

Projective and Receptive stones and their uses.

 Today I thought I would talk more about the different energies of stones. There are two basic types of energy in stones. They are Projective and Receptive. Projective stones help destroy disease, strengthen the conscious mind, and give the wearer courage and determination. There are used to promote physical energy, attract luck and bring success. In magic they may be used to bring additional strength to rituals. Projective stones are associated with the sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and the elements of fire and air. They are also related to the stars, since stars are simply distant suns.
   Receptive stones are soothing, calming, inward and magnetic. Promoting meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism. They create peace.  They radiate energies that that attract love, money, healing and friendship.
   Not all stones fit into these 2 categories. It is a good system to help us understand the stones and their basic powers. Some stones contain a mixture of these 2 energies. Most of the time you can sense the energy of a stone
for yourself. Over the years I have found that certain stones just make me feel it's doing the job I need it too when I need it. I have two cages that I wear to carry my stones for whatever I need that day. I love my cages! 
 Some examples of Projective stones are: ruby, diamond, lava, topaz and rhodocrosite.

 Some example of Receptive stones are: moonstone, aquamarine, emerald, holy stones, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, kunzite, lapis lazuli and sugilite.

 A example of a stone that contains both energies is lapis lazuli.

 I hope you found this helpful and informative. I am not an expert at this, just something I love doing and have been using for years. I am still and will always be learning!

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  1. I love the information. I don't have that kind of information in any of my books. Gives me a good idea of the stones I have out on my Alter right now!