Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope that this finds you all feeling full from the wonderful food, and happy from the great company and thankful for all you have on this day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Penny Pillow

This is a pillow that I was asked to make by a customer. I do a lot of work with wool, penny rugs and pillows. Christmas ornaments and other things. I also am a rug hooker, we use wool strips to create beautiful rugs. I have not been able to do daily posts with my stones, this time of the year is so busy! I will get back to posting more about stones, probably not 1 a day if you can tell! LOL Well off to work on finishing off a wool snowman table runner and I working on.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain/Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has fun on this magical night! Whether you are Trick or Treating, hosting a party or doing a circle! Our family will be doing both some Trick or Treating then a circle tonight. So enjoy! Right now I am enjoying some Halloween party blogs! Check out this one Kat in the hat's Halloween blog party  and many more! Have fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stone of the day - Moonstone

Today's stone is Moonstone. This is a Receptive stone, and is in the Element of Water.
 Some of it's magical uses are, love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, and
youth.  Some say that the Moonstone is magically potient during the waxing moon, and less
during a waning moon. The stone is receptive and love-drawing. It's also know for working out
problems between lovers, especially after a bitter fight. Because of it's association
with the moon, it is sometimes placed under the pillow to ensure a restful sleep.
 There are 2 kinds of Moonstone, plain Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone.
 The color of Moonstone is generally white.  Rainbow Moonstone has a gray coloring running through it. If held up to the light a rainbow of color can be seen in certain areas of the stone.

 Meaning of the color of the stone- White stones purifies physical,
emotional, mental or etheric bodies.
 A very pretty stone. It makes a nice bracelet  or necklace.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stone of the day Bloodstone!


                                            The Stone for today is BLOODSTONE:

  Bloodstone is a projective stone, and the element of fire.
Some of it's power include halting bleeding, healing,
victory, courage, legal matters, wealth, strength, power,
business, invisibility and agriculture.
   It's most famous for halting bleeding. It was frequently
carried by soldiers to either avoid wounds or as a magical
first aid. When pressed on wounds, the stone caused the bleeding
to stop. Today it is worn to keep the blood healthy and
to cure blood related diseases. It's also worn to cure
fevers and a a general health talisman.
   The color of the stone is green with red small flecks.
The color green is for healing, abundance, and balance self-control. A very beautiful stone.

Once again I want to apologize for not posting everyday. Due to life being so busy, it is hard to find just 10 minutes some days to do it. I am working on getting better at this, so here I sit at midnight. LOL  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Orchard Day!

  Today we spent the day at the apple orchard! What a beautiful day, it was sunny and 81! That doesn't happen to often this time of the year here in Michigan.  Having cider and doughnuts, yum! Then buying pumpkins and Brussel sprouts! We were there with the kids and our Granddaughter, I think everyone had a good time. When we got home we made dinner and of course made Apple Crumb Pie!
  So I didn't have time to do a stone today, I apologize, I will  work on more tomorrow. This is my favorite time of the year, and it's also so busy.
   Well off to bed! Night all!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Projective and Receptive stones and their uses.

 Today I thought I would talk more about the different energies of stones. There are two basic types of energy in stones. They are Projective and Receptive. Projective stones help destroy disease, strengthen the conscious mind, and give the wearer courage and determination. There are used to promote physical energy, attract luck and bring success. In magic they may be used to bring additional strength to rituals. Projective stones are associated with the sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and the elements of fire and air. They are also related to the stars, since stars are simply distant suns.
   Receptive stones are soothing, calming, inward and magnetic. Promoting meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism. They create peace.  They radiate energies that that attract love, money, healing and friendship.
   Not all stones fit into these 2 categories. It is a good system to help us understand the stones and their basic powers. Some stones contain a mixture of these 2 energies. Most of the time you can sense the energy of a stone
for yourself. Over the years I have found that certain stones just make me feel it's doing the job I need it too when I need it. I have two cages that I wear to carry my stones for whatever I need that day. I love my cages! 
 Some examples of Projective stones are: ruby, diamond, lava, topaz and rhodocrosite.

 Some example of Receptive stones are: moonstone, aquamarine, emerald, holy stones, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, kunzite, lapis lazuli and sugilite.

 A example of a stone that contains both energies is lapis lazuli.

 I hope you found this helpful and informative. I am not an expert at this, just something I love doing and have been using for years. I am still and will always be learning!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rose Quartz is Today's Stone Of The Day!

    Rose Quartz is to stimulate love and opens the "heart chakra". Some of it's magical uses include promoting peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships. Rose Quartz also stimulates self love, helps rejuvenate skin and kidneys. Rose Quartz is a receptive stone, meaning it has receptive energies. They are soothing, calming, inward and magnetic. It also promotes meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism.  Receptive stones are often used for grounding purposes, to stabilize and reaffirm our Earth Roots.
    Later I will explain projective and receptive stones for people who aren't familiar with these energies in stones.

   Meaning of the color of the stone: Pink is for love, self respect and self worth.

   I think it is a beautiful stone, as is all Quartz.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today's Stone is Hematite.

                                                       STONE OF THE DAY

   Hematite is said to be powerful in pulling illness from the body.
A small necklace or bracelet may be worn for healing. It is good for grounding and stabilizing and to
help focus on the physical plane. A large piece of Hematite can be used for scrying as well.
Some of it's uses are that it bestows wisdom, idealism and unselfishness on wearer. Strengthens the stomach
and intestines when worn on Solar Plexus, it helps stop bleeding as well. Very popular to be used in all kinds of jewelry.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stone Of The Day....Jasper!

Ok here is today's stone, I'm sorry I haven't been able to get a stone up everyday. Life is so busy! LOL I didn't think it would be so hard to put aside time for this, but some days it truly is!

                                                     STONE OF THE DAY

The stone for today is Jasper. I love this stone, very useful and a good beginners stone. There are many different types. I have 3 of them here from my collection.  They are Red Jasper, Ocean Jasper and Banded Jasper.  Jasper is a good protective stone. Red jasper is used in defensive magic, it sends the negative back to the original sender. It is also used for healings and health spells. Also brings luck and courage to those who carry it. It aids one in restraining dangerous attitudes.  In general Jasper is used for protection, healing, health and beauty to name a few. Of course each different color has it's own magical uses.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stone Of The Day

A small part of my Amethyst collection!

Ok so here is the first stone of the day.  It is one of my favorites! Although I have many!

It is AMETHYST:    This is a beautiful stone, it is a Quartz Crystal with colors ranging from pale lavender to deep purple.  Amethyst is used for many things including protection, spiritual atonement, gives visions or opens the spiritual and psychic centers, reduces mental tensions, induces pleasant healing dreams as well as wards off nightmares. Prevents over indulgence and encourages transformation and breaking of bad habits.

Meaning of the color -  Violet, Purple, Transformation, elevates the soul.
Amethyst is also the birthstone for the month of February!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cold and rainy day = Hooking Day!

  Well today was a cold and rainy fall day here. So it was good that today was Hooking Day! For those who don't know I am a Wool Rug Hooker. It is an old craft in which you cut wool strips and hook them into a rug. I belong to a small group of hookers who meet usually 1 a week. So today I started my next rug, it is a present for someone so I can't say anymore until it's done!
  I am hoping tomorrow to start something to share on here. I am thinking of a stone a day. I may post a stone or two and let you know what uses they have and a little about them. I use my stones often and love them!
  Well off to bed! Night all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm new to this so be patient, please!

My oldest daughter Melz Creations is helping me start my blog! Thank You!! I am planing to have a bit of a variety on here. I do a lot of crafts, and I love working with stones and gems. So I will be posting random things for you! Hope you enjoy them!

This is me at the Renaissance festival 2010